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Tibetan Healing Sounds: Listen to Calming Melodies

Tibetan healing sounds come from an instrument called the singing bowl. The Tibetan singing bowls are known to have relaxing and powerful healing effects and their sound is used by monks for the spiritual and physical body. These kinds of alternative healing practices promote overall wellness and meditation that allows an individual to share a healthy smile.


Effects of Tibetan Healing Sounds

listening to tibetan bowlsA lot of people are debating about the healing effects of the calming Tibetan sounds. It is a scared method originally from Tibet. It’s also believed to be an effective way to activate your chakra. The beliefs about Tibetan medicine include the following suggestions:

  • The beautiful vibrating sounds made by the singing bowl have a significant effect on the mind and body.
  • The healing sounds and the vibration has positive effects on brain waves.
  • This alternative healing and music may have the same psychological effects on an individual.

How it becomes beneficial differs from one person to another. However, it has been said that the Tibetan sound is related to ancient alternative healing practices used by native people from different parts of the world.



Choosing Tibetan medicine is a personal decision to make. But a lot of people opt for this traditional practice due to the following reasons:

Relieving stress

There are plenty of other ways to relieve stress. Some prefer relaxing massages while others simply do yoga. Listening to healing sounds is also a great way to distress and let go of the negative aura around you. A lot of studies support the claim that this method is effective in promoting relaxation and reducing signs of anxiousness.

Better sleep

Our daily lives are basically filled with schedules to meet. Because of the demanding lifestyle, sleep could get affected. Some people find it hard to sleep despite being tired because their minds are occupied by the things that they need to accomplish. The healing effects of the Tibetan singing bowls can help you fall asleep deeply. This will help you get the energy you need for the following day.

Healthy blood pressure levels

A certain study conducted in 2014 concluded that the effects of the Tibetan healing sound promoted a relaxing environment for the participants. After listening to the Tibetan sounds for about 12 minutes, their blood pressure drops to healthy levels and their heart rate became stabilized.

Fighting Depression

Many people resort to alternative healing practices when it comes to fighting signs of depression. While antidepressants and medications are highly effective, their side effects are very much unlikeable. They believe that the best way to reduce depression is through traditional and natural methods. People who choose Tibetan sounds over drug prescriptions do not want to compromise their physical health while they are improving their mental health.

Revitalizing immunity

In addition to its relaxing effects, Tibetan sounds can also stimulate the immune system. It produces significant changes in the brain waves that affect the functions of the immune system.

Pain Relief

While this claim is still not confirmed as of this writing, many people believe that Tibetan medicine can alleviate many kinds of pain. A specific study aiming to find relief for chronic back pain tested its efficiency and surprisingly, the participants claim that they feel less pain after listening to Tibetan sounds. Experts believe that is just similar to the placebo effect so they are still not considering it to be an effective pain reliever.

Promoting synchronization in the body

Surprisingly, the healing effects of Tibetan sounds are quite similar to the positive effects of doing yoga. It balances the spiritual and physical body of an individual so that she can be more in contact with herself. Moreover, it synchronizes the cells in the body to effectively put the energy system in balance.

Amplifying other alternative healing methods

yoga and healing soundsYou may also opt to use Tibetan healing sounds together with other healing practices. For example, it can be used as background music while meditating or performing yoga. Combining these things will surely lighten your mood and improve your aura.

If you wish you have your own Tibetan bowl, you can purchase them from amazon, online sellers, music shops, yoga studios, or stores for unique products. Just be sure to keep the item in a safe place and far from a child’s reach.

You can also download a singing bowl song and let it play on your mp3 player for hours for a peaceful day.


 Potential Risks

Almost all kinds of natural healing methods are generally safe. However, there are still some factors to consider especially if you have a health problem. Beware of the following situation before you listen to Tibetan healing sounds:

  1. People who are vulnerable to headaches. Everyone experiences headache from time to time. But if you are the kind of person who gets headaches due to sensitivity to sounds, then this might not be good for you.
  2. Expectant mothers. For your own and your baby’s safety, it is best to not engage in any kind of uncertain healing alternatives. While listening to music is safe, the effects of Tibetan sounds on pregnant women and fetuses are still unknown.
  3. Epileptic individuals. For some reason, the vibration and sounds of the bowl could trigger seizures. Do not listen to these songs to prevent attacks.
  4. Allergic to metals. Those who are allergic to metals are advised not to hold or touch the bowl for safety purposes.

Overall, Tibetan healing sounds do have a number of benefits not only on the body but on mental health as well. Unfortunately, to prove its value, a lot of researches and studies must be done first to support its claim. Without disregarding the sound benefits, it would still be best to consult a specialist first especially if you have a serious health condition.

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