Biodynamic Cranial Sacral work re-opens connections between the authentic Self and the physical self. The process begins exactly where you are and energetically allows the intelligence that originally built your body to eeestablish those original connections.

Some clients experience this work as a deeply relaxing time and consciously remember little except perhaps that they fell asleep. For other clients, there is an awareness of having been deeply relaxed and a remembrance of the energy flows that were just experienced as being re-established within their body. Almost every client will recognizes that their level of stress maintained within their body is greatly reduced through this work. As your original energetic connections are re-established so is the momentum toward wellness.

Cranial Release Technique

This technique stretches specific muscles which after stretching, gratefully release. When these muscles are released, a dynamic relaxation is frequently felt throughout the body. This restorative sense of release and relaxation allow the body to begin healing again . The medical profession is beginning to recognize that as much as 90% of diseases are stress related. Stress release is taken to new levels with the Cranial Release Technique.